How To Win Wong Choy Slot Game Gamble Feature

How To Win Wong Choy Slot Game Gamble Feature

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Slot games have always been an enthrallment in the casinos. They have their way of getting money rolling out of your pockets. We should be vigilant while gambling. The various slot games are seen in the various casinos. Wong Choy is one of the slot games.

How to win Wong Choy slot game gamble feature

It has a special feature that it has incorporated Chinese elements. This is actually a form of culture incorporated slot game which is originally known as SCR888 online casino Malaysia. It is one of the best online slot game brands. It has some of its distinctive features which are as follows:

  • 5 reels: usually they are up to seven in the slot game 777 and lesser in other games In casino
  • 25 reel slots are another feature of this slot game
  • 15 Pay-line is another feature
  • Video slots as it is a monitor game or a screen game
  • 3 jackpots usually jackpot is a single fix. This game has 3 jackpots possibilities
  • Wild symbols is one of the game play in the Wong Choy game slot
  • Scatter symbols is another game play
  • Gamble features is also a game play option
  • Free spins are an exception to this game. This can also be listed under bonus hits.
  • Auto play can also be taken up by the players.
How To Win Wong Choy Slot Game Gamble Feature
How To Win Wong Choy Slot Game Gamble Feature

The game has two themes that are the Asian and the Chinese theme.

The game is carried out on the monitor screen either online or in a casino. The other terms related to the Wong Choy is the pay table. The SCR888 also had other culture infusions and then they go by different names like Zhao Cai Jin Bao. It is also seen on other online casinos as  These are also e-games mobile apps as they are available for iOS and android. This is due increased popularity of the slot games that the software engineers have provided with various games regardless of their type.

Gambling feature

If played smartly, it is a feature that helps you double or quadruple you’re your wins. But it works with double or nothing because either double or you walk away empty handed. It is basically a guessing game. Making a guess about

  • Colour of the cards
  • The suit if the playing cards
  • Flipping a coin and guessing either heads will come or tails

Being smart here is important. Being greedy is a must no. Once you’ve guessed correctly, you get your win doubled and if you make another correct guess, it than quadrupled the win.

It is offered after you win something. You can play it by clicking the gamble or double up button.

Tip: The important three tips here are to 1. Make this gamble once you’ve made multiple wins. 2. Withdraw some money before double up because you might end up with nothing. 3. Choose the options like flipping a coin or choosing the card color because these have a 50/50 chances for both.

Looking at how it can double or quadruple your sum, it is very tempting but greed is never a good idea. That impressively increased bankroll is a good idea and well, worth a shot of our courage.

There are some other games also which have gamble feature in them

  • Gladiator jackpot
  • Spartania
  • At the Copa
  • Alawin

The major thing to be kept in mind while gambling is to know your limits. Test them, okay but have a backup plan and a long term thought. Pick your casinos with slot game free spins and cities wisely and play while having a strategy. Use your wins wisely keeping a mind set on the specific amount you have set your limit on and not crossing it no matter what. Not only set the limits for spending also for losing and even for winning and after that just walk out.

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