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INCREDIBLE SOCCER IN THE FRANCE – Most people like being fans of football. Another like playing football, which I have come to know is the best one can do. I am saying this because I have a memory to tell what I saw. Football is all over the world although some actions make it be remembered many times in a person’s life. I do attend some soccer games but I have an extra story to tell people which many have not known.

What football do during breaks

It was on Monday of the first week may 2016. It was an international break for most football clubs in the world. During football breaks, a team is able to travel to another country and have a friendly match with other clubs. Players are also able to visit their mother country and represent them in different matches. It was as usual where players went back to their countries.


Most of them organized different matches and other matches were tournaments where most countries were to participate. There was a match, which was organized by Germany and France. The tournament was called frame. These two countries wanted to know the best player and the best goal scorer in their countries. They, therefore educated their players on how to play and deliver the best in the field.

Most of the players were very happy since they were given the chance to do their best. Others organized an internal competition to choose the best players in their team to represent them. The legal officers and other football officials from their countries did not stay quiet. They promised good rewards in case someone does well. This made the players become more motivated to perform well.

The time of the kick off arrived and the players were ready to start the match. There were many fans who were ready to watch the game and cheer for their players. The seats were all full and there was no enough space for more fans to come in. The officials ordered the people to start and honor the day by saying the national anthem for the two countries.

All people were ready and they obeyed the command. After that, the match was ready to start. All the referees shared their duties and the center referee was left to conduct the match. The game started with very big applauds from the fans. All players were very happy and they showed to work to their best. They played well for the first few minutes but after some time all players remembered that was the game to honor.

I can remember a player. His name was called Muller. He kicked the ball from the center of the pitch and it was a nice goal. Everybody was amazed since there was no clear consent of the goal at that minute. All fans became very happy and they showed not to rest. They stood and produced a cheering sound, which made the players have a good mood. Each person knew that the mistake would lead to failure.

They played keenly and with a style. All fans became happy and happier. It was not late after the first goal. There came another goal from a player called anon. It was an excellent goal since I lack a word to pronounce it. Nobody knew how it was scored hence it left every person quiet. The two teams became the draw at that time. It was a time to look and have the best team.

The players played well and the referee was amazed to hear goal without having a notice of it. We believed that some things happen in a world of miracles but this was more that it. All people remained silent since the goals were very smart and well designed. There also came many goals and the best player scored four goals. It was one of my best soccer in my life.

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