Basic Techniques in Baccarat Mobile App Betting

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As one of card games in casino games, betting is an important key for playing baccarat. Playing baccarat in land based casino or online casino is the same for its rule. Online baccarat can be played through computer or if the site has its app such as, you can download the mobile app and play it through your smartphone. Because of its importance, knowing the basic techniques in baccarat mobile app betting is necessary indeed.

Basic Techniques in Baccarat Mobile App Betting

Understanding Baccarat Rules

Before knowing the techniques for betting, you have to understand the baccarat rules first which are:

  1. You can bet on player’s hand, banker’s hand or tie. If your betting matches with the outcome of the hand, you will win.
  2. Either player or banker deals with two cards or even three cards.
  3. Face and tens cards are counted as zero, aces as one and the other cards as their face values.
  4. When adding value, only the final digit will be counted.
  5. If the hand comes closest to 9 then you win.

Betting on the Banker or Player

Placing betting on player or banker has its advantage and disadvantage. The advantage of placing bet on banker’s hand is it has higher chance to win than the player’s hand because the role concerns on the third card. The rules about receiving third card are complicated and different for the banker or the player. The rule of third card for Banker involves complex formula which makes banker is given advantage so that they are more likely to win.

Meanwhile, the advantageous of betting on the player is that you get all the winnings if you win. If you bet $20 on the player and you win then you get your bet plus $10. If you win when betting on banker, you need to pay 5% commission on your winnings. So, winning bet on player saves more money than the banker.

After all, betting on banker means you will win the baccarat games more often while betting on player means you will save more money. So, be careful when choosing the betting. If you want to play safe, choosing the banker bet is more recommended. However, if you like to challenge yourself and you are ready to lose your money, it is better to choose the player betting.

Betting on Tie

Betting on tie will give you a big payout, 8:1. If you bet $10 then you will get $10 plus $80. However, it is rare to find that the result is in tie. It means that the chance of having tie result is almost impossible. So, in short we can conclude that betting on tie makes you lose more likely but when you win, you get much money.

Basically, placing bet in baccarat game depends on the player itself. If you are ready to lose you money, then placing for betting on player or tie is a good choice. Meanwhile, if you only want to get the profit, placing bet on banker is more beneficial. After all, the basic techniques in baccarat mobile app betting really depends on your choice.

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